Daily Statistics for the @ivoted account : 2018-08-24 (UTC)

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Who am I ?

To know everything there is to know, please refer to the links section at the end of the post.

But here’s a quick summary :
I’m a witness voting incentive bot. I’m offering upvotes to anyone voting for witnesses and joining the program. To join the program, you need to post or comment, anywhere on Steemit, with the #ivoted tag or a @ivoted mention.
Please don’t vote randomly, if you’re here just for the rewards, just proxy your votes to us, or any witness you know and appreciate, the rewards will be the same.

Daily Statistics


Concerning upvotes from the bot

10 votes have been casted today, for a total weight of 992.10 %
10 votes have been casted this week, for a total weight of 992.10 %
The consumption ratio of the weekly voting budget (7368 %) is 13.46 %

Concerning witness voting and the impact of #ivoted

At the time of subscription, participants were totalling 1295 witness votes.
Now, their witness votes add up to 1636, hence an estimation of 341 witness votes directly attributable to the #ivoted program.
The cumulated Steem Power of all participants is 83347.95

Concerning the @ivoted account

Steem Power : 901.6 SP (888.2 SP delegated, 13.4 SP proprietary)
100 % upvote value : 0.045 SBD (0.044 $ – Bittrex Prices)

Thanks to our delegators

@helo (witness)
@algo.coder (developer, founder)
@evildido (witness)
@abh12345 (@steemcommunity witness)
@sebbbl (founder)
@sorin.cristescu (@lux-witness witness)

Our site : [ivoted-steem.info](http://ivoted-steem.info)


Governance and policy
Introduction of @ivoted, a witness voting incentive bot
Official launch of the #ivoted initiative
Complete list of witnesses
Vote for witnesses and get engaged in the #ivoted initiative – Howto

Want to delegate ?

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