Holidays are over, back to the blog !

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Hi, fellow steemians.

That’s it, holidays are over, it’s time to go back to business. And it’s time for some new stuff here at Ivoted. Of course, our main goal is still to promote witness voting, nothing new here, but we are about to launch something that will help us this way.

Time for witness interviews

The best way, in our opinion, to make you know better the witnesses you may vote for is to make them talk about themselves. So we are about to launch witnesses interviews. We are currently setting up a series of questions we may ask them, but you may help us this way by suggesting new questions.

Anyway, the first interviews will be published here in a very short time. And we ask all interested witnesses to tell us if they’d like to be interviewed.

The bot also in holidays ?

You may have noticed the bot hasn’t benn voting for many weeks. In fact, some changes on the blockchain prevented the bot from working correctly, but it is now fixed. We apologize for the missed upvotes. The bot is now running again and the updated code will be published on Github very soon.

Still looking for delegations

As always, we are looking for delegators. This will allow us to vote higher and more often. If you like our cause, you can help us getting more SP.

Thanks to our delegators

  • @helo (witness)
  • @algo.coder (developer, founder)
  • @evildido (witness)
  • @abh12345 (@steemcommunity witness)
  • @zonguin
  • @sorin.cristescu (@lux-witness witness)
  • @sebbbl (founder)

How to vote for witnesses ?

Just follow this video instructions :

We can vote for you

Remember you can delegate your vote to us if you don’t know who to vote for. Just follow the instructions on this video :


Ivoted is an initiative from @sebbbl and @algo.coder.

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