Jackmiller, an involved witness

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One of the things that life has taught me is that you have to invest in what you believe in.
I’m not referring to “money” alone, but to investing “yourself” your devotion, your loyalty.

I feel the moral need to invest back into this blockchain and help build it so that it can expand and become everything it can be for everyone of us. I do not take this lightly or see it as just a “server” that is paid for and set up to run 24/7.

To me there is so much more to Steemit than just a social network with an emphasis on blogging and with all the rewards crypto as such has to offer.

Steemit has helped me change my views on many things and it has given me more than what I can ever repay it, so I feel that it is my moral duty/obligation to give back to this endeavour.

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