Lux-witness, the european witness

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The New Generation Steem Witness

Steem as a blockchain functions remarkably well, as the @blocktivity stats attest. Current block-producing witnesses are highly skilled computer engineers and they do theirs jobs extremly well. We want to take Steem further! We want to help this great blockchain onboard more (real) people faster and “touch” them with its magical touch, for the benefit of all. We have therefore joined forces. We believe that a team, pooling skills and working together, can help secure the blockchain alongside the great 20 witnesses that are already constituting the “Steem government”.

But while safety and seamless functioning are non-negotiable, this blockchain deserves more, much more than that. And a team, with complementary strengths, can do more than reliably minting blocks.

The Team
Having a witnessing team is central to our approach. Our team is currently small, only two people, but it might very well grow in the future.
We are Pablo Staiano (@pstaiano), an experienced Spanish-Argentinian devops engineer, and Sorin Cristescu (@sorin.cristescu), a Romanian-French IT Architect. We are both located in Luxembourg, the only Grand Duchy in the world, hence the @lux-witness.
For details of our current configuration and more, read our witness application here (link) and follow @lux-witness for regular updates!

Read Lux-witness’s full program here.

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