Quoc Huy, Steemed Phish creator and witness

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Hi all!

I’m a Vietnamese/French witness who lives in Australia. I’ve started witnessing since mid-March 2018. I’ve joined Steemit since February 2018 and I blog about worm farming, gardening photography and music

Some of my contributions to the community as a witness are:
Steemed Phish anti-phishing Chrome Browser Extension
– I’m running two IPFS nodes to pin @dtube videos from #teamaustralia and #teamnz
– I’m helping with strengthening the Vietnamese community with the creation of Team Vietnam group and developed an upvote bot, @teamvn, that rewards quality content written by the team members
– I’m supporting #adollaraday charity project by @pennsif by donating 1 SBD per day doing fundraisers

Read Quoc Huy’s full program here.

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